Four years ago, Harold Budd was scheduled to play the Big Ears 2015 festival and we went only to discover at 20 minutes to showtime that he had fallen and broken a rib a few days before the show and was unable to make the trip. We were wondering when/if the show might be made up and the 2019 Big Ears has the ultimate make-good; a four day residency by Budd with the premiere of new works as well as collaborative events with other artists. We listen to Budd constantly at home and my wife loves his work.

Two years ago John Doran of The Quietus was helping to curate the festival and I wrote to him urging him to try to get Foxx there; a performance of "Cathedral Oceans" would be spot-on perfect for the vibe of the festival. He saw much merit in my suggestion - considering that Foxx has not performed in America since 1979, but to date nothing has happened. And I think that was the only year TQ was involved.