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Jump to new posts Re: John Foxx and Harold Budd - on vinyl... by turntable @ 09/20/17 11:24 AM

I received my copy today. The packaging is just beautiful and nice to have John's signature on the LP sized print. I have cleaned the LP's and currently spinning Nighthawks.
John Foxx
Jump to new posts Re: John Foxx and the Maths: The Machine by turntable @ 09/20/17 11:17 AM

I picked up the vinyl of this album last month. Its really good musically and sounds great as well. The cover is so shiny thou
The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: Guardian Cryptic Crossword Song Titles by MemberD @ 09/19/17 01:19 PM

Oh would that he had (of)! 5 points there mon brave.
The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: The Cycling/Footy thread (ttfkaRads) by Ivan Basso @ 09/19/17 12:40 PM

Greetings from the relegation zone my fellow fitba Foxxheads *sticks pins into effigy of useless fat Dutch get*
Jump to new posts Re: New Ghostbox collaboration Outward Journeys by MemberD @ 09/19/17 08:22 AM

Thanks for the update Bri!
The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: Artiste(s) you only like or know one song by by postpunkmonk @ 09/18/17 03:54 PM

Here's one that always stymied me. The Band: Re-Flex. The Song: The Politics Of Dancing It was a sizable hit in the 1983 "New Music" phase that swept across America briefly. It's a fair song. Not brilliant, but not awful either. It's pr

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