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John Foxx And The Maths
Jump to new posts Re: The Machine - thoughts and appraisal by postpunkmonk @ Today at 04:21 PM

Like I said. The first play was inconclusive in a way that Foxx albums almost never were; yet as soon as it was over, the compulsion to play it again was there. When I listen to it, it's best heard on repeat. It positively flies by.
John Foxx
Jump to new posts Cathedral Oceans II by Grueslayer @ Today at 10:14 AM

Dear all, I am currently working on an article on Cathedral Oceans II in the German Wikipedia. Do you happen to have links to reviews or articles on this album? Small blogs are not valid unfortunately, and reviews/articles dealing with the trilogy w
The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: Interview With The Band Metroland by Gary Hunter @ 03/24/17 11:13 AM

The band have just released their new 5 track "Cube EP" which is available on Bandcamp:

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