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The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: The Cycling/Footy thread (ttfkaRads) by Brian @ 11/20/17 01:34 PM

I know.Terrible season.Whats worse than Pulis. Having Megson back in charge. We are going down, But the football is more fun in the Championship. Having an aim that is achievable like getting back in the Premier league makes it more interesting.
The Green Room
Jump to new posts Re: The Cycling/Footy thread (ttfkaRads) by Ivan Basso @ 11/20/17 11:31 AM

Well well Bri We could meet up next year as we play another in the second flight. Desperate times indeed Should the inevitable happen I hope it's Moyes that goes down with us . Awful season for The Metamatic fitbaheads Even at the other end Membs an
John Foxx
Jump to new posts The Metamatic Sessions Demos by Telekon @ 11/20/17 04:45 AM

34 years ago I got the Metamatic Sessions on a cassette. Some of them wound up on the Metal Beat CD. According to this: there may exist demo versions of "Burning Car," &q

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