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Format : Four Disc Box Set
Catalogue Number : CRCDBOX24
Label : Cherry Red Records
Release Date : 2016
Country : United Kingdom
Disc One
01. Computer Bank [Five Times Of Dust]
02. R.A.M. [The Klingons]
03. Re-Education Through Labour
 [Chris And Cosey]
04. Sedation Strokes [Malcolm Brown]
05. Little Bob Minor [Storm Bugs]
06. Tight As A Drum [Thomas Leer]
07. Holiday Camp [Blancmange]
08. Fractured Smile [Inner City Static]
09. Sexuality [We Be Echo]
10. God With Us [Bourbonese Qualk]
11. Faith [Nagamatzu]
12. Disco Song [O Yuki Conjugate]
13. Optimum Chant [British Electric Foundation]
14. All Night Long [Kevin Harrison]
15. Stopping And Starting [Voice Of Authority]
Disc Two
01. I Am Your Shadow [Colin Potter]
02. D'Ya Think I'm Sexy? [British Standard Unit]
03. The Single Off The Album [Five Times Of Dust]
04. Back To The Beginning [Spöön Fazer]
05. Gerry And The Holograms
 [Gerry And The Holograms]
06. Drugface [The Passage]
07. A New Kind Of Man [John Foxx]
08. Green For Go [100% Manmade Fibre]
09. Sentimental [Those Little Aliens]
10. Protect And Survive [Final Program]
11. Being Boiled [The Human League]
12. New Muzak [Instant Automatons]
13. Materialistic Man [Cultural Amnesia]
14. (Leaving Me) Now [Worldbackwards]
15. Music To Save The World By [Alan Burnham]
16. Almost [Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark]
17. Kodak Ghosts Run Amok [Eyeless In Gaza]
18. Broken Vein [Schleimer K]
19. The Distance From Köln [Native Europe]
Disc Three
01. Adrenalin (Return Of The Elohim Part 1) [Zorch]
02. Robot Dance [Sea Of Wires]
03. Sea Of Tranquility [Ron Berry]
04. Mistral [MFH]
05. Joe Goes To New York [Adrian Smith]
06. Embryo (Extract) [Mark Shreeve]
07. Triptych [EG Oblique Graph]
08. Encounter [Carl Matthews]
09. Ynas Scaith [Paul Nagle]
10. Sedation [O Yuki Conjugate]
11. Western Vein [Konstruktivist]
12. Dead Of Night (Excerpt) [Attrition]
Disc Four
01. What A Day [Throbbing Gristle]
02. No Way Of Knowing [A Tent]
03. Go For The Throat [Portion Control]
04. Eco Beat [DC3]
05. Dying Inside [Renaldo And The Loaf]
06. In The Army [Blah Blah Blah]
07. God Speed [Legendary Pink Dots]
08. Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer [Muslimgauze]
09. Live At Longborne [Suisse]
10. Menial Disorders, Extract B2 [Alien Brains]
11. Himeal (And She Blew) [Storm Bugs]
12. In The Room [Third Door From The Left]
13. Dignity Of Labour [Al Robertson]
14. Mzui (Extract) [bcGilbert, gLewis, russell Mills]
Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica (1975 - 1984) is currently available as follows...
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Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica (1975 - 1984)
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