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A special triple LP collection of collaborations (Translucence, Drift Music and Nighthawks) between John Foxx and, arguably the world’s most famous ambient / avant garde music composer, Harold Budd are due to be released on the 11th of August, 2017. Nighthawks was written along with minimalist composer Ruben Garcia.

John Foxx is one of the most influential exponents of electronic and ambient music, the original frontman of Ultravox, and a solo artist for over thirty years.

Harold Budd’s career stretches back to the Sixties and includes numerous collaborations with Brian Eno, Robin Guthrie, The Cocteau Twins, Clive Wright, Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Nelson, Andy Partridge, Daniel Lentz & U2.

These albums are available for the first time ever on 180g heavyweight vinyl. Housed in a rigid slipcase designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, famed for his design work on David Bowie’s Blackstar album, this release comes with a limited print signed by John Foxx.

John Foxx And Harold Budd : Translucence
A1. Subtext
A2. Spoken Roses
A3. Momentary Architecture
A4. Adult
A5. Long Light
A6. A Change In The Weather
B1. Here And Now
B2. Almost Overlooked
B3. Implicit
B4. Raindust
B5. Missing Person
B6. You Again

John Foxx And Harold Budd : Drift Music
A1. Sunlit Silhouette
A2. The Other Room
A3. Some Way Through All The Cities
A4. Stepping Sideways
A5. A Delicate Romance
A6. Linger
A7. Curtains Blowing
B1. Weather Patterns
B2. Coming Into Focus
B3. After All This Time
B4. Someone Almost There
B5. Resonant Frequency
B6. Avenue Of Trees
B7. Underwater Flowers
B8. Arriving

John Foxx And Harold Budd (featuring Ruben Garcia) : Nighthawks
A1. Down A Windy Street
A2. Now That I've Forgotten You
A3. The Invisible Man
A4. Fugitive Desire
A5. From Then To Now
B1. When The City Stops For Snow
B2. The Shadow Of Her Former Self
B3. Music For Swimmers
B4. Lovedust
B5. Nighthawks

Copies are available to pre-order from Townsend Records...

This does look beautiful - glad to see the tracklist hasn't been altered drastically to fit the vinyl parameters too.
The John Foxx / Harold Budd / Ruben Garcia vinyl box set - containing Translucence, Drift Music and Nighthawks - has just been reduced on Amazon to £40.46 with free delivery in the UK...

I received my copy today.

The packaging is just beautiful and nice to have John's signature on the LP sized print.
I have cleaned the LP's and currently spinning Nighthawks. grin

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