Just got the email from Townsend about preordering a 3CD reissue of Metamatic with some previously unreleased material. Tracklisting of CD 3:

CD 3
1 A Frozen Moment
2 Hes A Liquid (Instrumental Dub)
3 Mr. No (Alternative Version)
4 The Uranium Committee
5 A Man Alone
6 Over Tokyo
7 Terminal Zone
8 Urban Code
9 A Version Of You
10 Glimmer (Alternative Version)
11 Fragmentary City
12 Metamorphosis
13 Approaching The Monument
14 Critical Mass
15 Alamogordo Logic
16 Touch And Go (Early Version)
17 Miss Machinery
18 No-One Driving (Early Version)
19 Burning Car
20 Like A Miracle (Early Version)
21 No-One Driving (Alternative Version)

Pretty sure we have some of these already, but there appears to be some new stuff here, complete with nicely Ballardian titles.

(How is everyone? Been too long.)

ETA: Rob just posted in the news area.

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