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#49033 - 06/22/17 12:08 AM Airports playing Brian Eno...
Rob Harris Online
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The first four albums by Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World and Before and After Science - are each going to be released on the 4th of August 2017 as special gatefold 2LP vinyl editions. Each album is presented over two 180gm discs which play at 45rpm for optimum sound quality. High resolution mastering from the best known sources and half-speed cutting were supervised by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Each album contains an Obi, Download Voucher and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate. The full details, including track listings, are as follows…


Brian Eno : Here Come The Warm Jets

First released in January 1974, Here Come The Warm Jets was Brian Eno’s debut solo release following his departure from Roxy Music. The album draws on both his glam and prog roots but its experimental nature also made it quite unlike anything that’d ever come before. It was also to prove a huge influence on the best of the British punk and post-punk bands that followed it.


Side One
01. Needles In The Camel’s Eye [3’12”]
02. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch [3’06”]
03. Baby’s On Fire [5’20”]

Side Two
01. Cindy Tells Me [3’25”]
02. Driving Me Backwards [5’12”]

Side Three
01. On Some Far Away Beach [4’37”]
02. Blank Frank [3’38”]
03. Dead Finks Don’t Talk [4’19”]

Side Four
01. Some Of Them Are Old [5’11”]
02. Here Come The Warm Jets [4’05”]

Pre-order on-line at Amazon...


Brian Eno : Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Originally released by Island Records in November 1974, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) picks up stylistically where its trailblazing predecessor Here Come The Warm Jets left off earlier in that same year. Here, a more assured Eno is at the helm, enlisting the help of his friends The Winkies, former Roxy Music band members Phil Manzanera and Andy MacKay, Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine and Phil Collins of Genesis / Brand X.


Side One
01. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More [3’18”]
02. Back In Judy’s Jungle [5’16”]
03. The Fat Lady of Limbourg [5’03”]

Side Two
01. Mother Whale Eyeless [5’45”]
02. The Great Pretender [5’11”]

Side Three
01. Third Uncle [4’48”]
02. Put A Straw Under Baby [3’25”]
03. The True Wheel [5’11”]

Side Four
01. China My China [4’44”]
02. Taking Tiger Mountain [5’32”]

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Brian Eno : Another Green World

From November 1975, Another Green World represents the bridge between Brian’s ground-breaking pop career and his early experiments with ambient music. This time around he was ably assisted in the studio by Robert Fripp from King Crimson, Phil Collins and Percy Jones from Brand X and, on viola, The Velvet Underground’s John Cale. The album features five vocal and nine instrumental songs including the title track which will be known to many as the theme to the BBC arts programme, Arena.


Side One
01. Sky Saw [3’30”]
02. Over Fire Island [1’51”]
03. St. Elmo’s Fire [3’02”]
04. In Dark Trees [2’32”]

Side Two
01. The Big Ship [3’02”]
02. I’ll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoes) [3’50”]
03. Another Green World [1’41”]

Side Three
01. Sombre Reptiles [2’21”]
02. Little Fishes [1’34”]
03. Golden Hours [4’00”]
04. Becalmed [3’37”]

Side Four
01. Zawinul / Lava [3’00”]
02. Everything Merges With The Night [3’54”]
03. Spirits Drifting [2’37”]

Pre-order on-line at Amazon...


Brian Eno : Before and After Science

Originally released on the Polydor label in December 1977, Before and After Science continued to break new ground with sonic experimentation and bold forays into ambient music. Musical contributors include Phil Collins and Percy Jones from Brand X, Jaki Liebezeit from Can, Moebius and Roedelius from Cluster / Harmonia and Robert Wyatt. It features ten songs including the single Kings Lead Hat, which is generally accepted to be Brian’s homage to then-emerging Talking Heads.


Side One
01. No One Receiving [3’53”]
02. Backwater [3’44”]

Side Two
01. Kurt’s Rejoinder [2’55”]
02. Energy Fools The Magician [2’05”]
03. Kings Lead Hat [3’56”]

Side Three
01. Here He Comes [5’39”]
02. Julie With… [6’20”]

Side Four
01. By This River [3’03”]
02. Through Hollow Lands (for Harold Budd) [3’57”]
03. Spider And I [4’11”]

Pre-order on-line at Amazon...


Also, check out this short promotional film on YouTube...


#49034 - 06/26/17 01:42 PM Re: Airports playing Brian Eno... [Re: Rob Harris]
Your Shadow Online

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Thanks for the heads up Rob.

I have owned all four of these albums on CD for many years. Not sure if I'll be tempted to buy these vinyl editions though. For anyone who hasn't heard these albums I highly recommend them.

#49040 - 08/09/17 02:50 PM Re: Airports playing Brian Eno... [Re: Rob Harris]
RadioBeach Offline

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Cheers Rob,

I got the half-speed 2 x 45 remaster of Foxbase Alpha back in January and it's close, real close - but it hits a definite 'frequency wall' in comparison to my 1991 33/3 original - and Saint Etienne are known for their care and attention to detail, so I know I got the very best sounding edition they could muster.

Consequently, I'm not sold anymore on the 'half-speed' mastering process - if it's from a digital source, then I think I'll hang on until the inevitable single disc editions arrive.

Also - if they went to all that trouble, why didn't they reproduce the prints that came with original copies of Before and After Science as well?


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