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#47973 - 08/22/15 09:54 AM Hello everyone
cliff Offline

Registered: 07/25/15
Hi all.

my name's Cliff, live just outside Peterborough and been listening to John's work since the first time i saw him at the Marquee back in 1977/78.

I seem to remember them doing a 5 night residency where Ultravox performed some new tracks (Systems of Romance?).

Couldn't wait to hear his first solo lp, waiting anxiously for the 86 bus to get home to play it.

That lp was worn out! Loved the track Mr No, and can recall upsetting a few people at a party when i convinced the DJ to play it smile

Took a while to get into the Garden Lp but managed it and still play it today. Thought "Europe After the Rain" was such a beautiful, image creating piece - and again, still listen to it frequently.

Saw him on The Golden Section tour at Hammersmith (i think) but was so stoned all i remember was John being bathed in golden light and my leaping around to "Pater Noster"!

Moved to Peterborough and got a job at Virgin (the small one not the megastore) and played Mysterious ways until i was asked to stop plugging it so much (i think i was trying to convince myself it was as good as John's previous work).

Life took over for a number of years and then i discovered "Cathedral Oceans" and the hunt was on for what i had missed!

My wife accompanied me to John's performance of "Cathedral Oceans III" in Leeds and she was so impressed (she didn't want to go originally). We both loved the setting (a church) and the video accompaniment.

And now? been enjoying "London Overgrown" and will get to remove the shrinkwrap from "Codex" soon - but currently working my way through Bill Nelson's "Noise Candy".

I look forward to reading & hopefully contributing to the forum!


#47974 - 08/22/15 10:27 AM Re: Hello everyone [Re: cliff]
Brian Online

Registered: 12/25/06
Loc: 6 "Miles Away" from Lichvegas,...
Hi Cliff,

Welcome to the forum smile


#47975 - 08/22/15 01:00 PM Re: Hello everyone [Re: cliff]
Rob Harris Offline
The Archive

Registered: 04/12/06
Loc: Ledbury
Originally Posted By: cliff
And now? been enjoying "London Overgrown" and will get to remove the shrinkwrap from "Codex" soon - but currently working my way through Bill Nelson's "Noise Candy".

Hi there Cliff - Welcome to The Forum…

I've just ordered Bill Nelson's Noise Candy box set on the back of reading about it in his book Diary Of A Hyperdreamer


#47976 - 08/22/15 10:55 PM Re: Hello everyone [Re: cliff]
Craig Offline

Registered: 12/24/06
Loc: Peterborough
Hi Cliff, welcome to the forum, you will have lots of fun catching up on all things Foxx, great bunch of people as well. I live in Peterborough so nice to have someone local in Foxxian Cyberspace

#47978 - 08/26/15 12:11 PM Re: Hello everyone [Re: cliff]
MemberD Offline

Registered: 04/16/07
Loc: Italy

Hi Cliff - welcome to here. We're a loveable bunch.

#47981 - 08/27/15 01:52 PM Re: Hello everyone [Re: MemberD]
Your Shadow Online

Registered: 05/26/07
Loc: Liverpool, UK
Hi Cliff.

Wishing you a warm welcome to the site and forum.

#47982 - 08/27/15 02:31 PM Re: Hello everyone [Re: cliff]
Shadow Man Offline

Registered: 12/28/06
Loc: Hamburg, Germany
Hi Cliff

Very welcome to the forum. smile

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