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#36163 - 02/27/10 09:33 PM SJ Top 4 albums
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with commentary and anecdotes about his favourite albums
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#36164 - 03/01/10 07:50 AM Re: SJ Top 4 albums
Mr.Ilektrik Offline

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Haven't got 'Berlin', but I do have 'Movies', 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' & 'Technodelic'. Totally agree with Steve's description of all three, but especially YMO's 'Technodelic'. Sonically. it is way ahead of all the YMO albums, even my favourite YMO album 'BGM'.

I'm gonna pour myself a cup of green tea with mango & listen to 'Technodelic' before i go to work.

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#36165 - 03/01/10 03:55 PM Re: SJ Top 4 albums
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Thanks Martin!

I've not heard Technodelic in years - off now to dust it down!

#36166 - 03/14/10 01:40 PM Re: SJ Top 4 albums
Lody Herst Offline

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I've got the albums too.
If you think 'Berlin' is an outsider, check the last song on the original album: 'Sad Song'. And you can hear the birth of Gary Numan and many others.
And about YMO; they've got an album out in the 90's called 'Technodon'. It's a very mature and warm sounding album, like Kraftwerk's 'Tour de France'. Well worth checking out!


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