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In these categories, you can find out more and talk about the other artists and musicians that John Foxx has worked with over the years. Discuss their solo projects, and find out what they are up to now.
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Benge and The Maths
This is where you can discuss Benge's synth studio and his many solo albums, including Twenty Systems, Abstraxa and Loop Series. This forum also features threads dedicated to singer/songwriters Serafina Steer and Hannah Peel
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Creep Show - Mr Dynamite
(Craig) - 03/22/18 11:26 AM
Louis Gordon
The 'mad-Mancunian' who has recorded five studio albums with John is now an established solo artist working under many aliases. He's recorded several solo albums including; Closed Gone Fishing and Blind Anorexic. Step inside to meet Shady O'Grady and friends...
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Re: Louis Gordon Discograp...
(Birdsong) - 03/19/17 08:39 AM
Harold Budd
The LA-born pianist and avant-garde composer has a vast catalogue of solo albums and has worked with many other great musicians including Brian Eno, Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi, Clive Wright, Daniel Lentz and Ruben Garcia. Budd recorded Translucence and Drift Music with John in 2003.
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Budd Residency @ Big Ears ...
(postpunkmonk) - 12/05/18 02:45 PM
Theo Travis
The London-based saxophonist and composer has made a name for himself on the British jazz scene for his virtuosity, soulful style and award-winning compositions. Among many others, Theo has played with Harold Budd, Porcupine Tree and Robert Fripp.
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Live dates and release new...
(Birdsong) - 08/16/11 02:54 PM
This is where you can discuss John's work with Karborn, the remixes (Burning Car and 20th Century) he did with Dubterror, as well as his VJ-ing and artwork.
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Sun Newspaper Article
(Halloway) - 04/01/18 08:41 PM
Robin Simon
Formerly a member of Neo, Magazine and Ultravox, guitarist Robin worked with John on several of his Virgin-era albums, and currently in AjantaMusic with his brother Paul. Robin returned to play live with John Foxx at The Roundhouse in 2010.
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Re: Latest Robin Simon rel...
(Birdsong) - 06/23/14 07:43 AM
Jori Hulkkonen (1 viewing)
This is where you can discuss John's work with Jori Hulkkonen (Dislocated and Never Been Here Before) as well as his solo career.
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Re: Nuntius, a science fi...
(Mr Normall) - 11/02/16 07:42 AM
Steve D'Agostino
This is where you can discuss John's work with Steve D'Agostino (A Secret Life), his solo career (Single Cycle ReOrder) and his work with (among others) Soft Cell, Gina X. Depeche Mode and Heaven 17.
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Re: john & rob
(RadioBeach) - 05/27/10 12:52 PM
Robin Guthrie
This is where you can discuss Guthrie's work with Cocteau Twins and Violent Indiana, his solo career (Imperial, Continental, Luminaire, 3:19 and Carousel) and his many collaborations with Harold Budd.
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Re: New album with Harold ...
(Rob Harris) - 11/14/11 12:41 PM
Steve Jansen
This is where you can discuss John's work with Steve Jansen (A Secret Life), his solo career and the numerous albums he has written with Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn and David Sylvian.
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Re: SJ Top 4 albums
(Lody Herst) - 03/14/10 01:40 PM
Ian Emes
This is where you can discuss John's work with film-maker Ian Emes (Flightpath Tegel) together with his ground-breaking work with artists as varied as Pink Floyd and Duran Duran.
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BBC Radio Interview
(Birdsong) - 09/05/11 10:04 PM

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